Waiver 201 Writing Presentation - Revisit what happened!

Waiver 201 Writing Presentation - Revisit what happened!
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Our latest webinar offered fresh insights into the differences between waiver approvals from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac given the varied preference and requirements of each agency. Key points included Fannie’s greater interest in waivers that are tied to net worth and liquidity due to shared risk, Freddie’s preferences for robust loss runs, and differing attitudes towards Deductible Indemnity Agreements. Kristine introduced a comprehensive list of questions that waiver writers must ask borrowers to be able to produce a comprehensive enough waiver for either Freddie or Fannie. 



Kristine also discussed writing waivers specific to Flood prone locations such as Florida given that these are considered to be a tricky bunch by the industry. Adding to the importance of comprehensiveness in waivers, Kristine included a second list of questions that insurance consultants and waiver writers must ask brokers and agents to become equipped with all the necessary information to produce an approval-ready waiver.  



Ashwin and Kristine touched on the most prevalent issues in the insurance compliance market today and offered insightful tips and tricks to navigate them better. Based on her experience working at Freddie, Kristine offered a unique perspective into how Freddie and Fannie view certain waivers and what can be done to significantly improve their chances of approval. 

Ashwin introduced the Advocate Cost Benchmarking feature which will be a regular webinar that will delve into location-based insurance pricing data insights, an industry first by our team. 

Our webinars, including this one, are completely free for anyone looking to further explore insurance compliance in the United States. They are part of our community for insurance professionals that has been specifically designed to offer insights from industry experts, never-before-seen market pricing data, and invaluable help from peers. 


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